Our Story

"If you're anything like us then you'll love great quality tasting food, care about your health, animals and the planet."

Veganushi launched in 2019 with a mission to deliver organic, vegan Japanese inspired dishes to areas initially outside of London.  We feel that it is extremely important to provide plant-based food options to as many people as possible and not just for vegans.

Caring about what we eat and reducing the harm we cause to animals and the planet is extremely important to us, therefore, every dish we make is organic (where possible), cruelty-free and vegan (no animal or fish derived products at all).  We also try to minimise waste as much as possible and so our packaging too is plant-based, plastic-free and 100% biodegradable.

Husband and wife founders Cat and Mark became vegan in 2016 and like many vegans, have struggled to find suitable vegan options for home delivery, and so the idea of Veganushi was born.  


"As a family, we are regulars at Japanese restaurants as we love the cuisine, and so we wanted to share our love with as many people as possible;  bringing people together through sharing small plates of food."

As one of the first vegan qualified chefs in the country, Cat is constantly working hard in the kitchen to design the most tasty dishes around. 

We offer our customers a healthier, lighter and convenient meal choice; a guilt and cruelty-free delivery service!

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