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Updated: Feb 14, 2019

After the successful and lively launch of Veganushi last weekend we are so excited to give our customers some insight into all the planning, preparation and late nights that have gone into launching our company!

We were faced with so many tasks throughout this process in preparation for the launch, and so we’ve just mentioned a few below.

We began, back in October, with recipe trials in our development kitchen, which, after much trial and error, led us to be able to construct our menu from scratch. After perfecting our recipes and the menu overall, training our staff was our next priority!

At the heart of Veganushi is our love of animals, our health, and of the planet, and so the quality and source of the ingredients are, and have always been of real importance to us. We decided early on that we wanted to ensure all of our produce was 100% organic, and so finding sustainable and low-impact suppliers who could provide the wide range of ingredients we required was a challenge we welcomed with open arms.

Of course, with Veganushi being a delivery company, the type of packaging we use has always been of importance, particularly in terms of finding ethical and sustainable alternatives to plastic. So, after months of research, we finally found a company called Vegware, who specialise in plant-based, 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable packaging, made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials.

Additionally, our website, being the face of our brand, was constructed and curated from the ground up over months of hard work, and we hope our attention to detail and user-oriented ethos comes across in the final product.

So much time, care and thought has gone into every decision we’ve made at Veganushi, and we really hope this translates through our website, brand, and of course, our food!

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